Finally,  A Complete Turnkey Solution To Raising Money For Your School Or Non-Profit Group!
Get started in 3 esy steps... 1. SIGN UP NOW or LOG-IN 2. Post our celebrate education link on your website 3. Have teachers, staff, friends and family click on the Celebrate Education link from your website, and your school or non-profit group will earn a percentage of sales when purchases are made from the following websites: SIGN UP NOW for the Celebrate Education Fundraising Program! LOG IN to your Celebrate Education Fundraising Program account!
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The Celebrate Education Advantage: Large Selection of high demand Products, Year-round fundraiser, stress free - no need to carry inventory, tally orders or distribute product, A wide variety of fliers provided for you to, promote the program and raise money!
Celebrate Education Fundraising
Download Celebrate Education Fundraising Program as a PDF

The Celebrate Education Fundraising Program

The Celebrate Education Fundraising Program is a simple and easy way to raise money for your school or non-profit group year round! If you’ve been looking for fundraiser ideas that don’t require selling products door to door, tallying orders or any kind of physical labor on your part (like carwashes, bake sales etc.), then you’ve come to the right place! Celebrate Education is a turnkey fundraising program in which your organization can earn 10% of purchases made by supporters of your group on and

A few local schools and non-profit organizations are already taking advantage of our amazing fundraising program. Some of them use Celebrate Education by receiving unique coupon codes that they put on social media outlets (such as Facebook, Twitter etc.) and newsletters. Others use banner ads on their organization’s website to spread awareness of their participation in our fundraising program. When someone clicks through to our site using the banner ad, the participating organization will automatically earn 10% cash back of those purchases.

This Celebrate Education Fundraising Program has already been proven successful with multiple schools and non-profit groups. One of the schools that joined the program as a way to raise money for a new playground earned more than 300 dollars only a few months after joining.

Join now and see how your school can start to earn funds too!